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Cory Tucker was born in Pontiac, Illinois, as the son of a single mother, Carol Tucker (Barnard), who worked most of her days in the fields for Cargill Seed, and her nights selling tickets at the local movie theatre. Cory spent his childhood watching movies through a projection room window—this is where his love of film, actors and cinematography flourished.

As a teen, Cory was involved with sports and worked full-time as a bit of a “grease monkey” at the local service station. After graduating from college, Cory found himself driving a forklift on the third shift at a trucking company. As fate would have it, Cory was invited to Illinois State University to see a friend perform in a play. That was about all it took—the very next semester, Cory was signed up for his first acting class. Less than six months later, he made his move to Los Angeles in pursuit of an acting career.

Cory’s earliest credited roles are in television, starting with the hit TV show “Providence” starring Melina Kanakaredes. His most notable television work includes Guest Star appearances in “NCIS,” “The Orville,” “Bones,” “Longmire,” “The Closer,” and “True Blood.” Cory is best known for playing the legendary astronaut “Buzz Aldrin” in Michael Bay’s blockbuster hit “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.” Cory was also cast by best-selling author James Patterson’s in the interactive thriller, “The Chef,” which was released exclusively on Facebook Messenger as part digital novel and part movie. Cory stars as the lead character in the role of “Caleb J. Rooney,” a New Orleans police detective.

Cory is married to Ana Lisa Tucker. They have two children Stuart Cesare and Alexandra Tucker.


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